Your question: How do you use the word keep up?

How do you use keep up in a sentence?

Wages are failing to keep up with inflation.

  1. She walks so fast I can never keep up with her.
  2. Technology changes so fast, it’s hard to keep up with it.
  3. Supply of the goods is failing to keep up with demand.
  4. You’ll have to walk faster if you want to keep up.
  5. He talks so fast, I can’t keep up with what he’s saying.

What is the meaning of the phrase keep up?

intransitive verb. 1 : to keep adequately informed or up-to-date keep up on international affairs. 2 : to continue without interruption rain kept up all night. 3 : to maintain contact or relations with someone keep up with old friends.

What’s another word for keeping up?

What is another word for keep up?

continue persist
remain abide
bide perdure
hold up hold on
go on run on

How do you say keep up?

kept up

  1. balance.
  2. compete.
  3. contend.
  4. continue.
  5. emulate.
  6. go on.
  7. match.
  8. pace.

How do you use live up to?

The bank is insolvent and will be unable to live up to its obligations.

  1. Many men feel their body shape doesn’t live up to the stereotype of the ideal man.
  2. She is quick to reproach anyone who doesn’t live up to her own high standards.
  3. The movie failed to live up to all the hype.
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How have you been keeping up meaning?

British. —used to ask if someone feels good, bad, happy, well, etc.

What is the answer of to keep up maintain?

Complete answer:

Option A: Maintain is the correct answer because it is grammatically correct. ‘keep up’ means to maintain a level or degree or status.

What is the meaning of keep up the good work?

Definition of keep up the good work

: to continue doing good work He was told to keep up the good work.

What is the English meaning of keep out?

1 : to not enter a place The sign on the door said “Keep out!” 2 : to stop or prevent (someone or something) from entering a place The curtains help keep out the drafts.

What is another way to say keep up the good work?

Couldn’t have done it better myself. You’re on the right track now! You’re doing a great job. That’s coming along nicely.