Your question: How long does UPS standard shipping take in Canada?

How long does UPS standard shipping take?

UPS shipments are generally delivered within one to two business days.

How long does UPS ground take from Canada to us?

International Shipping Services

Export and Import (where available)
3 Business Days SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Delivery by end of day SERVICE:UPS 3 Day Select to the U.S. Delivery by end of day UPS 3 Day Select to the U.S.

How much is standard shipping to Canada?

For a first-class letter to Canada, the first 3.5 ounces of postage costs $2.08. A Priority Mail International Flat Rate envelope costs $25.85 with an expected delivery in six to 10 business days.

Does UPS exist in Canada?

Our international expansion took its first steps north and entered the Canadian market on February 28, 1975. Over the past four decades, UPS in Canada has expanded to approximately 12,000 employees serving Canada from coast-to-coast.

Does UPS ship from Canada?

Find shipping rates for your UPS shipments. We offer a complete portfolio of delivery options in Canada to meet your global shipping requirements, including guaranteed door-to-door and routine customs-cleared service for letters and packages.

How fast is standard shipping?

Standard shipping time in the US generally takes anywhere between 3-5 business days, depending on where you’re sending to.

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Is UPS standard delivery signed for?

Delivery Confirmation: UPS will provide confirmation of delivery without the recipient’s signature.