Your question: What did the Transformers ride replace?

What ride was used in transformers?

The Universal Studios Hollywood ride will replace the retired Backdraft attraction and the relocated Special Effects Stages on the theme park’s lower lot.

Does Transformers The Ride have drops?

It has a similar ‘drop sequence’ to Spider Man (visual rather than physical). One difference is that you DO actually go up in an elevator-style lift (you’re not likely to even notice, let alone know it), but there is no physical sensation, and you don’t drop in the lift, you just go up.

What is the lady in the Kong ride saying?

All except one, a word she repeated more than any other, and which was occasionally echoed by chanting voices from an unseen choir, joining together with the old lady in a solemn mantra. “KONG!” the lady would say, the voices responding “KONG! KONG! KONG!

Is the Transformers ride still open?

Throughout the ride, screens up to 60 feet (18 m) high project 3D images of various Transformers characters as the Autobots attempt to protect the AllSpark from the Decepticons.

Transformers: The Ride 3D
Status Operating
Opening date September 20, 2021
General statistics
Attraction type 3-D Special Effects Ride
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