Your question: What sequence of energy transformations occurs in a flashlight quizlet?

What sequence of energy transformations occurs in a flashlight?

Explanation: The battery has chemical energy. When the flashlight is turned on, the chemical energy is first transformed into electrical energy and then into light energy. CHEMICAL bonds.

What is the energy transformation of a flashlight quizlet?

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when turning on a flashlight, the chemical energy of the battery is transformed to electric energy and then radiant energy and thermal energy. The radiant and thermal energy released from the flashlight is EQUAL to the chemical energy stored in the battery.

What is 4 step energy transformation of a flashlight?

The flashlight transforms CHEMICAL energy to RADIANT energy and then finally to THERMAL energy.

Is light from a flashlight kinetic energy?

Light is an example of electromagnetic radiation and has no mass, so it has neither kinetic nor potential energy.

What is the sequence of energy transformations that occur in a nuclear reactor quizlet?

Nuclear reaction occurs. Nuclear energy is converted to radiant and thermal energy. Heat is used to generate steam. Light and heat are released.

Which sequence of energy transformation best describes what happens on a bonfire?

Answer: In the case of burning wood, stored potential energy (in the form of chemical energy) in the log is released due to heating by other excited atoms. This chemical reaction is called combustion and requires oxygen. Combustion changes the potential chemical energy into kinetic energy in the form of heat.

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What is the energy transformation of a windmill?

A wind turbine transforms the mechanical energy of wind into electrical energy. A turbine takes the kinetic energy of a moving fluid, air in this case, and converts it to a rotary motion. As wind moves past the blades of a wind turbine, it moves or rotates the blades. These blades turn a generator.

What is the energy transformation of a candle?

when a candle burns the energy transformation that takes place goes thus: it transforms chemical energy(wax)to heat and light energy it transforms chemical energy to heat energy which is later transformed to light Potential Energy is converted to Kinetic energy.