Best answer: What does it mean by Are you up too much?

WHAT DOES been up too much mean?

If someone says to you ‘been up to much?’ they are asking ‘what have you been doing since we last met‘ You can then let them know about anything that has happened in your life since you last spoke to them.

What does it mean when someone says you are too much?

Usually it means you are difficult to deal with, or difficult to understand (in a metaphorical sense). It depends on the context. For example someone might say I was ‘too much’ if I kept changing my mind about something. See a translation. macca.

What does it mean when someone says you are up?

You are up – it can mean that someone is not sleeping/ is awake, and the other meaning is it’s your turn/you’re next > you can say ‘you’re up next.’

How do you answer what are you up too?

How do we answer it?

  1. “Oh not much”
  2. “Not too much”
  3. “Not a whole lot”
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What are you up to much?

is an idiomatic way of saying, basically, ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Are you up to much?’ probably means here ‘Are you doing much?’ ie ‘Are you busy?’

Have you been up to much lately meaning?

it means “were you doing a lot?” you can ask that when you want to know if that person was busy.

What does it mean to be too much of a woman?

The Urban Dictionary defines the Too Much Woman as, “when a female is so adept at setting off the neanderthal, primal sexual urges in a man that it is intimidating to him.”

Can you be too much in love with someone?

Consequences of loving someone too much. Loving someone means, you respect each other’s boundaries. Loving too much means – you dismantle those boundaries, stop taking care of yourself, and do everything for your partner just to make them happy. You only end up destroying your self-worth and the love is at stake.

What is another word for too much?

What is another word for too much?

excessive extreme
inordinate exorbitant
immoderate extravagant
overboard overkill
plethoric unrestrained

What does it mean when a guy say what’s up?

“What’s up” can be an informal greeting as well as a way to ask what is going on, that is, what is happening, or what has been happening. It might itself be a reply to a request of some sort. For example, someone might call you on the phone and ask you to come and see them.

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How do you respond when a guy says what’s up?

The simplest response if you don’t have information you want to share immediately with the asker is probably just to say something like “not much”, “not too much”, or “hey (man/dude)”.

What have you been up to lately?

Literally it means “what activities have you participated in recently“. A reply might be, “I’ve started editing that nonfiction book at work and moved to a new apartment.” Figuratively it means “I have not seen you in some time, and am curious about your life since I met you last” and could be answered the same way.

How are you doing flirty reply?

Ways how to respond to what are you doing when your crush/partner asks via SMS.

  1. 01“I’m just here thinking about you.” …
  2. 02“Not you, unfortunately.” …
  3. 03 “Watching [insert TV show/movie]. …
  4. 04“Trying to figure out when you’re finally going to ask me out.” …
  5. 05 “Just playing with [insert pet name and picture].