Best answer: What does it mean to eat something up in slang?

What does eat it up mean in slang?

1. Literally, to eat something, especially to eat all of it. Often used as an imperative. … When anyone showers the baby with love and affection, she just eats it up!

What is the meaning of eat something up?

1 : to eat all of (something) Eat your dinner up before it gets cold. 2 : to use up (time, resources, etc.) Your savings may be eaten up by inflation. … 3 informal : to enjoy (something) greatly I thought the speech was stupid, but the audience ate it up.

What does you are ate up mean?

1 to receive or accept gladly or readily. predictably, moviegoers ate up the sequel to last summer’s blockbuster.

What does ate mean in slang?

Ate and its origins explored

Over the years, the term ‘ate’ has evolved to mean more than just the past tense version of to eat. Popular slag definitions of ate link it as being a positive reinforcement used to hype others up. Elsewhere it seems ate is also a Filipino word meaning eldest or oldest sister.

What is another word for eat up?

eat; eat up; consume; finish; deplete; exhaust; wipe out; use up; run through; polish off; swallow; immerse; bury; swallow up.

What does left no crumbs mean?

Crumb definition, a small particle of bread, cake, etc., that has broken off. The sandwich you left on the table is gone. Truth.

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