Can you say heads up?

What’s a professional way to say heads up?

Heads-up Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for heads-up?

notification indication
alarm bells wake-up call
heads up admonition
admonishment hint
omen premonition

Which is correct heads up or head up?

You’ll have noticed from my examples, though, that I’ve used both “heads up” and “heads-up”. Mirriam Webster includes both as valid spellings, though most other sources seem to use just the “heads-up” spelling. Both work, though using the hyphen may be advisable since more definitions do use it that way.

How do you say heads up in email?

This phrase is used to thank someone for sharing information in advance. For example, if you receive an email saying: “I’ll be away all of next week and will return to work on August 3rd,” you can reply with: ‘Thank you for the advance notice’. A more casual version of the phrase is, “Thank you for the heads-up.”

Is it rude to say heads up?

As you said, the term “heads up” is informal. However, it is so common in American English that we use it in almost every situation. “Heads up” can be used as a noun. It sends a message that says something is going to happen.

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What can I say instead of heads up?

What is another word for heads up?

look out beware
watch out be watchful
take heed be alert
pay attention be careful
be vigilant beware of

How do you write head’s up?

Heads Up as an Adjective

This is somewhat counterintuitive (another word that feels like it needs a hyphen but Merriam-Webster says it doesn’t), at least for me, but if you want to use “heads up” as an adjective, it should be written as two separate words without a hyphen.

Where can I use heads up?

a warning that something is going to happen, usually so that you can prepare for it: This note is just to give you a heads-up that Vicky will be arriving next week. a short talk or statement about how a situation or plan is developing: The boss called a meeting to give us a heads-up on the way the project was going.

Why do we say heads up?

One is to warn someone that something is going to happen, and that he needs to be prepared for whatever may come his way. The expression is also frequently used in everyday contexts to refer to someone who is wide-awake and alert. *We got the heads up about the Chairman’s proposed visit.

Is it rude to say per my last email?

‘Per my last email‘ is merely the socially acceptable way of reminding someone that you’ve already answered that question. If you’ve worked in an office environment, you’ve received an email in a thread that says, “Per my last email.” You’ve probably written it as well.

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How do you say on the lookout?

Synonyms & Antonyms of be on the lookout for

  1. beware (of),
  2. guard (against),
  3. look out (for),
  4. mind,
  5. ware,
  6. watch out (for)