Frequent question: What is meant by an enormous wake up call?

What is a big wake-up call?

an event that shocks people into taking action about a difficult or dangerous situation.

What is another way of saying wake-up call?

What is another word for wake-up call?

warning caution
tocsin reveille
tip-off red light
red flag bugle call
early-morning call handwriting on the wall

What are some examples of wake-up call?

Wake up call is an arrangement made for a telephone to ring at a certain time to serve as an alarm clock. An example of a wake up call is when you tell the hotel front desk to call you at 7:00 AM. The definition of a wake up call is something that makes you change your behavior or attitude.

What can be inferred from the phrase a wake-up call?

A wake-up call is usually a negative event that causes a person to try to fix a problem. It also has a literal meaning in the hotel industry. If you are an occupant at a hotel and request a “wake-up call,” the front desk will call your room to wake you up in the morning.

Is wake-up call a metaphor?

Wake-up call is an expression that has a literal and a figurative meaning. The figurative meaning is an idiom. … An idiom is a metaphorical figure of speech, and it is understood that it is not a use of literal language.

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What is a wake-up call at a hotel?

A wake-up call (alarm call in the United Kingdom, morning call in east Asia) is a service provided by lodging establishments allowing guests to request a telephone call at a pre-specified time, thus causing the guest to wake up at that time.

What’s another word for rude awakening?

What is another word for rude awakening?

disenchantment disappointment
discouragement enlightenment
a rude awakening lost innocence
distress dismay
mortification discomposure

What is another way to say eye opening?

What is another word for eye-opening?

surprising astonishing
dumfounding jarring
staggering jaw-dropping
extraordinary unexpected
incredible remarkable

How do you use wake up call in a sentence?

Wake-up-call sentence example

  1. Remember that when your cat gives you that next early morning wake up call . …
  2. Perhaps this will be a wake up call for Haley Joel Osment, and he will use it as a stepping stone to get what was once a stellar acting career back on track. …
  3. Maybe these pics will be a wake up call for Jess.

What means Morning Call?

A formal social visit paid during the morning.