Frequent question: What is the opposite of turned up?

What is the opposite of turned away?

▲ Opposite of to reject or spurn someone or their requests. admit. welcome. Verb.

What is opposite of up?

The opposite of up is down.

What is the opposite of buttoned up?

What is the opposite of buttoned up?

blathered chattered
prattled waffled
twittered blethered
went on gone on
mumbled pattered

What is the synonym of turned?

Synonyms for turned. biased. (or biassed), poisoned, prejudiced.

What’s another word for turned down?

In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for turn down, like: refuse, reject, scorn, hush, decrease, turn-away, turn, take, ok, lour and accept.

How do you spell button up?

Definition of button up

  1. 1 : to close tightly and securely a tank buttoned up and ready for action.
  2. 2 : to carry to completion button up an order or assignment.
  3. 3 : to bring to complete and final decision or irrevocable settlement.

What does it mean to be buttoned down?

1. Having or fastened together by buttons, as of the collar of a shirt. … We’re going to a nice restaurant for dinner, so be sure to wear a buttoned-down shirt, please! 2. Conservative, unimaginatively conventional, or old-fashioned, as of a person’s clothing, attitude, behavior, or beliefs.

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What are antonyms for Transform?

antonyms for transform

  • hold.
  • keep.
  • remain.
  • leave alone.
  • preserve.
  • stagnate.

What is turned out mean?

1a : to come or go out from home in or as if in answer to a summons voters turned out in droves. b : to get out of bed. 2a : to prove to be in the result or end the play turned out to be a flop it turned out that we were both wrong. b : to become in maturity nobody thought he’d turn out like this.

Does Do antonym?

Antonyms. leader disobey disoblige violate predate literalize spiritualize. make out come proceed go get along.