Have had up meaning?

Have had it up meaning?

to have suffered because of someone or something and to be no longer able to bear him, her, or it: I’ve had it up to here with you – get out!

Have had it up to here meaning?

—used to show that one has too much of something to deal with or that one is very annoyed by something and will not accept any more of it I have work up to here and don’t have time for this now. I’ve had it up to here with your nonsense!

Had something up meaning?

To indict, arrest, or try one for a crime. Usually used in passive constructions. The CEO was had up for embezzling nearly $18 million of company money.


if someone has had it, they are in serious trouble, or they are going to fail. If the boss hears what you’ve been doing, you’ve had it.

Have VS had had?

Have had is used when we want to connect the present with the recent past in some kind of a way. Have had is in the present perfect tense. Had is the past form of the verb ‘to have’ which is also used as an auxiliary verb in the past perfect tense.

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Has had have had?

You have to use “had had” if something has been done long back, not recently. But if something has been done recently, then you can use “have had” or “has had” depending on the pronoun. For example, I have had a good lunch this afternoon.

What is the meaning of I have had enough?

phrase. If you say that you have had enough, you mean that you are unhappy with a situation and you want it to stop.

Have throw a fit meaning?

: to express extreme anger Dad will throw a fit if he finds out. Don’t have a fit if it doesn’t turn out as you want.

What does have it up mean?

phrase​spoken. used for saying that you are extremely annoyed at something that someone has done on several different occasions. I’ve had it up to here with your lies!

Have sb up meaning?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhave somebody up phrasal verb British English informalto make someone go to a court of law because you think they have committed a crimebe had up for something Last year he was had up for drunken driving. Grammar Have somebody up is usually passive.

What does have up to mean?

DEFINITIONS1. ​often passive(have someone up) to send someone to a court of law because they have been accused of a crime. have up for: He’s been had up for dangerous driving once or twice before.

Do your coat up meaning?

to repair or decorate a building so that it looks attractive. mainly UK. to fasten something: Do your coat up.

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