How do I top up my DBS EZ Link?

Can I top up my Ezlink card online?

With no convenience fees, Auto Top-up can be registered for your concession cards via the EZ-Link app with your credit card! Skip the queues and save time, top up your concession cards anytime, anywhere.

How do I top up my monthly concession card?

Concession cards can be topped up through any of the following channels:

  1. TransitLink Ticket Office.
  2. TransitLink Kiosk (accepts only NETS and credit/debit card)
  3. Add Value Machine (accepts only NETS)
  4. General Ticketing Machine.
  5. Top-up Machine (accepts only NETS)
  6. POSB/DBS and OCBC* ATMs.

How do I use my debit card with EZ-Link?

How do I use my contactless bank card for transit? Please take out your contactless bank card from your bag or wallet and tap on the fare reader at the train gantry or on the bus at the points of boarding and alighting. The fare reader will display “Bank Card Usage”.

How do I put money on my EZ-Link card?

Top-up your ez-link anytime, anywhere

  1. Download the EZ-Link app (Android) & log in to register your EZ-Link card.
  2. Select Top Up on the EZ-Link app (Android) Note: The top-up function is only available for NFC-enabled Android phones.
  3. Select DBS PayLah! as the Payment Option. Note: Check that you have sufficient PayLah!
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How can I use my mobile as EZ-Link card?

NFC SIM card users can use the EZ-Link App to access the NFC EZ-Link purse by inserting the NFC SIM card into the phone and adding the NFC SIM card into the My EZ-Link page. The NFC SIM card should be automatically detected by the app.

How do I top up my EZ-Link card at ATM?

Top up using POSB/DBS ATM

  1. Insert your ATM/Debit/Credit Card.
  2. Key in your 6-Digit Card PIN.
  3. Select More Services followed by NETS FlashPay/Cashcard/Ez-link/Concession Card.
  4. Select Ez-link card followed by Continue.
  5. Select Top-up and select the Account you wish to use.

Where can I make a new EZ-Link card?

1. Where can I purchase an EZ-Link card? You can purchase EZ-Link cards at 42 TransitLink Ticket Offices and 6 Concession Card Replacement Offices located at MRT stations and bus interchanges, at Passenger Service Centres within most MRT Stations and at 7-Eleven stores, including those located at Shell petrol kiosks.

How do I top up my FlashPay card?

Place FlashPay Card on the back of the phone with NFC turned on or launch the NETS App. On the home screen, select ‘Top-Up Service’ Select “Auto Top-Up Activation” Enter the 6-digit ATU activation code sent to you via SMS or email.

How do I activate my EZ-Link card?

Please proceed to any of the General Ticketing Machines to complete Auto Top-Up activation with the ARN code. Android users: To complete Auto Top-up activation, tap your physical EZ-Link card at the NFC antenna of your phone and voila! Your auto top-up function is activated!

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