How does the Transformers transform?

What do all transformers transform into?

All Cybertronians can transform into any kind of vehicle, weapon, animal, etc. Whatever they want on Cybertron or on Earth. A transformer’s Transformation Cog enables them to physically transform.

What do Transformers feel when they transform?

Most of the Transformers do feel pain, but someone like Shockwave can override his sensors to eliminate pain – while inflicting it on others.

How did Transformers turn into animals?

In the story, the Maximals and Predacons crashed on Earth a very long time ago, but they did not know where they were. Also, there was too much energy on the planet and it hurt their bodies. They turned into animals to protect themselves from the energy.

Why do Autobots turn into cars?

In the films, their transformations are not well explained, but in the animated series and related shows, it’s explained that Autobots used to transform into public vehicles so that they can mix with real vehicles, but Decepticons used to be transform into fighting machines.

Why did Transformers come to earth?

In the live-action film Transformers, the Autobots arrive on Earth to find the AllSpark in an effort to restore a destroyed Cybertron. The beginning of the movie, narrated by Optimus Prime, indicates that all life on Cybertron came from “the Cube”.

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