In which microphones built in transformer is a necessity and why?

What purpose does an output transformer have in a microphone preamp?

Transformers are often used as a buffer between different circuits, such as between the output of a mic pre and before the input of an equalizer in a console channel strip. This transformer electrically isolates the two circuits, matches impedances, and often adds a bit of gain as well.

What is a transformer do?

A transformer is an electrical device designed and manufactured to step voltage up or step down. Electrical transformers operate on the principle of magnetic induction and have no moving parts.

What does a microphone impedance matching transformer do?

The Audio-Technica CP8201 microphone impedance matching transformer is designed to connect a low-impedance balanced or unbalanced microphone to a high-impedance electronic input. The high-quality transformer solves the problem of excessive high-frequency loss and hum pickup.

What makes a good audio transformer?

When picking out an audio transformer always keep in mind: You must treat two specifications with great importance: 1) Insertion loss (efficiency), 2) frequency response. Find out how they get the specs of the transformer.

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