Is Carol Tome the first woman CEO of UPS?

Who is CEO of UPS?

Is Carol Tome married?

That helps her to be present while grocery shopping with her husband of 25 years, Ramon Tomé. “I focus in that moment and I do not over multi-task.”

What did Carol Tome do for Home Depot?

Tomé, 63, was a key architect of the team of top executives that helped Home Depot emerge from the 2008-09 financial and housing crisis and become one of the best performing major retailers in the country by revenue growth and stock performance.

How much is the CEO of UPS worth?

The estimated Net Worth of David P Abney is at least $10.4 Million dollars as of 27 August 2020. Mr. Abney owns over 62,700 units of Macy`s Inc stock worth over $38,413 and over the last 2021 years he sold M stock worth over $10,097,279.

Who is the top person at UPS?

Executive Leadership Team

  • Carol B. Tomé …
  • Norman M. Brothers, Jr. …
  • Nando Cesarone. President, U.S. Operations.
  • Darrell Ford. Chief Human Resources Officer.
  • Philippe Gilbert. President, UPS Supply Chain Solutions.
  • Kate Gutmann. …
  • Laura Lane. …
  • Brian Newman.

What is the highest paying job at UPS?

What is the highest paying job at UPS? Director of Engineering is the highest paying job at UPS at $186,000 annually.

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How much does Carol B Tomé make?

Carol Tome made $3,834,160 in total compensation as Director and Chief Executive Officer at United Parcel Service Inc in 2020. $790,419 was received as Total Cash, $2,958,822 was received as Equity and $84,919 was received as Pension and other forms of compensation.