Is it wrong to look up ex on Facebook?

Is it weird to look up an ex?

It’s natural to want to see what an ex is up to… … “From an evolutionary perspective, it is honestly pretty normal behavior to cyber-stalk an ex, especially if you are looking for information about his or her new potential partner,” says Somich.

Is it bad to look at Exs social media?

“From a mental health perspective, you shouldn’t keep tabs on your ex via social media because you can’t have a genuine, clean break and really move forward while you’re still staying in your ex’s life, even if it is remotely through social media,” says Yvonne Thomas, PhD, a Los Angeles-based psychologist who …

Is it cheating to look up your ex?

Keeping Tabs On An Ex

“Keeping tabs on your ex or crush on social media constantly could be a type of micro-cheating,” Bennett says. “It’s OK to check up on someone occasionally. This is natural curiosity. But, if you stalk the social media of an ex or someone you find attractive, it crosses a line.”

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Is it normal to look up your ex on Facebook?

It’s not uncommon to stalk your ex on social media, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for you. “In most cases it means you are having a really hard time letting go and accepting that the relationship is over,” Leckie says. “In other cases, it could just mean that you are curious as to what they are up to.”

Why you shouldn’t look at your ex’s social media?

To stalk someone, it was once necessary to leave the home. … And while Facebook surveillance is often perceived as a typical and harmless response, continual social media stalking obstructs the natural process of getting over an ex, and is associated with greater negative feelings after a breakup and lower self-worth.”

Why is my ex still looking at my social media?

“If your ex is still looking on your social media, it doesn’t automatically mean they still love you. It could simply be a case of curiosity or boredom,” Susan Winter, an NYC-based relationship expert and love coach, tells Elite Daily. “Curiosity is normal. Checking your stories from time to time is harmless.”

Is looking up an ex on Facebook cheating?

Looking up your ex on Facebook is not cheating. There is another word for this: ‘curiosity’.

Is it unhealthy to stalk your ex?

Stalking keeps you engaged in a mental (and sometimes, physical) relationship,” Dr. … This unhealthy process does not allow you to let go, grieve, and mourn the loss of the actual relationship.” And that mourning process after a breakup can be incredibly important if you want to be able to fully move on.

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Why you should not stalk your ex?

It’s not good for your mental health

This behaviour can quickly reach an unhealthy level. … This behaviour can quickly lead you down an obsessive rabbit hole. This is the time to boost your self-esteem and when you stalk your ex you will only feel worse.

What is Micro-cheating?

Cheating itself is defined by acting dishonestly and unfairly, and micro-cheating tends to be where the actions themselves may be smaller—texting, conversation, social media messages and social gestures—but the intention is a betrayal of the romantic relationship the person is in.

Is looking someone up online cheating?

Now it’s possible to become involved with someone other than your spouse or partner by hooking up online. But while it may seem innocent enough—after all, you aren’t in physical contact—online cheating really is just that: cheating.

What counts as cheating on social media?

What is social media cheating? Social media cheating can fall under the umbrella of digital cheating or having an online affair. Simply put, it’s where social media is used either to find someone to have an affair with, or to carry out the infidelity itself.