Question: Do you hyphenate beat up?

Does beat up have a hyphen?

The phrase is typically hyphenated before a noun. Can we throw away these beat-up old notebooks already? The old car looks really beat up, but it runs pretty well.

Is beat up correct?

This is the British English definition of beat up. View American English definition of beat up.

beat up ​Definitions and Synonyms.

present tense
he/she/it beats up
present participle beating up
past tense beat up
past participle beaten up

How do you use beat up in a sentence?

Beat-up sentence example

  1. It was a beat-up Camaro parked half a block down. …
  2. Gabriel began to beat up the dummy again. …
  3. He threw himself into one of the beat-up chairs in the tiny comms center.

Was beat up or was beaten up?

Senior Member. You are correct that it’s colloquial. Beat up is often used when beaten up would be the grammatical choice.

How do you spell beating up?

a severe thrashing administered for intimidation or revenge.

How do you spell beaten up?

Definition of beaten-up.

How do you use beat up?

beaten up in a sentence

  1. We got beaten up for not consulting the Mexican government first.
  2. They fear getting hurt, getting rejected and getting beaten up.
  3. She was beaten up twice, and a colleague mysteriously disappeared.
  4. “They’ve just beaten up on those teams.
  5. I’ve been beaten up for five years in Phoenix.
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What is the same meaning of beat up?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for beat (up) mess (up), rough (up), work (over)

Is beat up meaning?

verb. (tr, adverb) to strike or kick (a person), usually repeatedly, so as to inflict severe physical damage. beat oneself up informal to reproach oneself.

What is another word for beaten up?

What is another word for beat-up?

dilapidated decrepit
unimproved destroyed
fallen-in crumbly
beaten up beat
fallen in rinky-dink

What does IM beat mean?

Meaning/Usage: Very tired. Explanation: “Beat” can mean to lose. It can also mean to be hit over and over again. When someone loses or they are hit over and over again, they are either mentally tired or physically tired.