Question: What is another way to say backed up?

How do you say this is backed up?

Synonyms of ‘back something up’

  1. substantiate. There is little scientific evidence to substantiate the claims.
  2. support. The evidence does not support the argument.
  3. prove. new evidence that could prove their innocence.
  4. confirm. This confirms what I suspected all along.
  5. reinforce.
  6. validate. …
  7. corroborate. …
  8. authenticate.

What does the phrase backed up mean?

(idiomatic) To provide support or the promise of support. You should be careful. This guy is backed up by the local gang. When he said I wasn’t there, I told him I was, and my buddy backed me up.

What do you call something that is backed up with evidence?

aid, assist, bolster, confirm, corroborate, reinforce, second, stand by, substantiate, support.

What is the synonym of reserve?

put to one side, put aside, set aside, lay aside, keep back. keep, save, hold, keep in reserve, hold back, retain, conserve, preserve, put away, withhold, earmark.

Is backup one word?

Backup – One word as a noun and adjective but two words as a verb. For example, “She will serve as a backup to the secretary.” “I hope we have a backup plan.” “I have to back up because a fallen tree across the road is blocking my way forward.”

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Is it buck up or back up?

Back up is a verb phrase, while backup is a noun and an adjective. Keep in mind that back can be a verb all by itself, even in phrases other than back up.

What is the antonym of backup?

What is the opposite of backup?

adversary antagonist
opponent stranger
chief opposer
superior master
obstruction hindrance