Question: What is reactive compensation?

What do you mean by reactive compensation?

Reactive power compensation is defined as the management of reactive power to improve the performance of alternating-current (ac) power systems. In general, the problem of reactive power compensation is related to load and voltage support.

How does reactive power compensation work?

Shunt Reactive Power Compensation

Since most loads are inductive and consume lagging reactive power, the compensation required is usually supplied by leading reactive power. Shunt compensation of reactive power can be employed either at load level, substation level, or at transmission level.

What is meant by active and reactive compensation?

Definition. Active power is the power that continuously flows from source to load in an electric circuit. Reactive power is the power that continuously flows from source to load and returns back to source in an electric circuit.

What causes reactive power?

Positive reactive power is caused by inductive loads such as motors and transformers (especially at low loads). Negative reactive power is caused by capacitive loads. This can include lighting ballasts, variable speed drives for motors, computer equipment, and inverters (especially when idle).

What is reactive power loss?

It is the real power that will be lost. IMO, what the phrase means is that reactive power loss is the amount of power lost along the line supplying power to a load as a result of the increase in current I due to the delivery of power at a more reactive load.

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What is reactive power in simple terms?

The portion of electricity that establishes and sustains the electric and magnetic fields of alternating-current equipment. Reactive power is provided by generators, synchronous condensers, or electrostatic equipment such as capacitors and directly influences electric system voltage. …

How do we decrease the reactive power?

Inductive reactive power can be reduced by applying a capacitor bank. With an active dynamic filter, all types of reactive power can be reduced and the derating of the transformer or generator is limited.