Question: What is the opposite of ramp up?

What’s another word for ramp up?

What is another word for ramp up?

advance increase
addition enlargement
extension intensification
run-up step up
ascension rising

What is meant by ramp up and ramp down?

To decrease in volume, amount, or rate: As the project ramped down, several employees were laid off. ramp up. To increase in volume, amount, or rate: The factory ramped up production to meet the increased demand.

What does no ramp up mean?

The term ramp-up refers to when a company substantially increases its output in response to increased demand or an expected increase in the near term. … If demand does not last or is lower than expected, a firm may be left with excess capacity.

What is the synonym of ramp?

incline. An inclined surface; a slope or gradient: 0. 1.

What is ramp up period?

A “ramp-up” period happens in business when the demand for a product or service is expected to surge. … A ramp-up period typically requires a large amount of preparation, from product manufacturing to communications to marketing.

What does ramp down mean?

to decrease or cause to decrease. (intr) to decrease the effort involved in a process.

What is ramping investopedia?

Ramping. The practice of trying to boost the price of a share and the company behind it by buying the securities in the market with the object of raising demand. If the price rises, the ramper may be able to make a quick profit by selling.

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What does it mean to ramp it up?

to increase or cause to increase. 2. ( intransitive) to increase the effort involved in a process.

Is ramp up hyphenated?

There are many compound words in our business that start and end in “up.” Examples: … “Fill up,” “follow up” and “ramp up” are two words when used as a verb, but hyphenated as nouns or adjectives.