Question: Will compensate in a sentence?

How do you use compensate in a sentence?

Examples of compensate in a Sentence

His enthusiasm compensates for his lack of skill. The price of the item has been reduced to compensate for a defect. compensate workers for their labor She was not compensated for the damage done to her car.

Where can I use compensate?

These advantages compensate for the greater first cost. Water-power and petrol largely compensate for the lack of coal. He might thus compensate for his numerical inferiority by superior mobility and superior leadership. They might make you feel bad about yourself to compensate for how they feel inside.

What is a example of compensate?

An example of compensate is when you pay the guy who mowed your lawn. An example of compensate is when you make your wife angry and you compensate for your bad behavior by doing something very nice. An example of compensate is when you injure someone in a car accident and you pay their medical bills.

What does it mean to compensate for someone?

Word forms: compensates, compensating, compensated. transitive verb. To compensate someone for money or things that they have lost, means to pay them money or give them something to replace those things. The damages are designed to compensate victims for their direct losses.

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Will compensate meaning?

compensate verb (EXCHANGE)

to provide something good or useful in place of something or to make someone feel better about something that has failed or been lost or missed: Nothing will ever compensate for his lost childhood.

What is compensation simple?

noun. the act or state of compensating, as by rewarding someone for service or by making up for someone’s loss, damage, or injury by giving the injured party an appropriate benefit. the state of being compensated or rewarded in this way.

What does meaningful compensation mean?

My definition of meaningful compensation, is compensation that is more valuable or higher in quantity than what you are receiving. … Paying the seller of the organ a good amount shows the commitment to the deal.

What is the noun of compensate?

compensation. The act or principle of compensating. Something which is regarded as an equivalent; something which compensates for loss.

How do you use the word lucrative in a sentence?

Lucrative sentence example

  1. Indigo and opium are the most lucrative crops. …
  2. Looks like my Internet business is pretty lucrative , wouldn’t you say? …
  3. Video games represent one of the most lucrative industries on the planet.

What is the best synonym for compensate?

synonyms for compensate

  • atone.
  • pay.
  • recoup.
  • refund.
  • reimburse.
  • repay.
  • reward.
  • satisfy.

How do you use erratic in a sentence?

Erratic sentence example

  1. Erratic blocks are of frequent occurrence in south Jutland. …
  2. His erratic moods had grown more volatile the past couple of days, and she knew better than to draw his attention. …
  3. “He has been very erratic lately,” she agreed.
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