Quick Answer: Is sorter transformation active or passive?

What is active and passive transformation in ETL?

A transformation can be active or passive. An active transformation can change the number of rows that pass through the transformation. … A passive transformation does not change the number of rows that pass through the transformation.

What is the use of sorter transformation in Informatica?

Sorter transformation in Informatica is used to sort the data in an ascending or descending order based on single or multiple keys. This is the type an active transformation which sorts the data either in ascending order or descending order.

Is Source Qualifier active or passive?

Source qualifier transformation is an active, connected transformation which is used to represent the rows that the integrations service read.

Is update strategy an active transformation?

The Update Strategy Transformation in Informatica is an Active and Connected transformation. It is useful to update, insert, or delete the records in a target based on source table data. And the beauty of this transformation is: you can restrict the records from not reaching into the target table.

Is sorter active transformation Informatica?

You can configure the Sorter transformation for case-sensitive sorting and for distinct output. The Sorter transformation is an active transformation. You can use the Sorter transformation to increase performance with other transformations.

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How does sorter handle null values?

Here the sort key is First Name and sort type is Ascending order. Output Target Table – All the 22 records ware sorted by ascending first name. The NULL values are treated as High values by default and hence listed in the last row. Enable ‘Null Treated Low’ property to treat the NULL value as low value.

What is Normalizer transformation in Informatica?

The Normalizer transformation is an active transformation that transforms one incoming row into multiple output rows. … When the Normalizer transformation returns multiple rows from an incoming row, it returns duplicate data for single-occurring incoming columns.

Is sequence generator active?

Sequence generator is a passive and connected transformation, and it generates numeric sequence values such as 1, 2, 3, and so on. It does not affect the number of input rows. The Sequence Generator transformation is used to create unique primary key values and replace missing primary keys.

Which transformations are active in Informatica?

The following are the list of active transformation in Informatica used for processing the data –

  • Source quilter transformation in Informatica.
  • Filter transformation in Informatica.
  • Ruler transformation in Informatica.
  • Rank Transformation in Informatica.
  • Sorter Transformation in Informatica.