Quick Answer: What does I want to shake you up mean?

What does it mean to shake me up?

to upset someone: It really shook Gerry up when his best friend moved away.

What does it mean to shake someone?

To make someone very upset; to frighten or shock someone. A noun or pronoun can be used between “shake” and “up.” It seems like the car accident shook her up pretty badly.

What does shake it mean in slang?

slang To dance, especially by wiggling, shaking, or gyrating one’s buttocks.

How do you use shake up?

the imposition of a new organization; organizing differently (often involving extensive and drastic changes).

  1. Shake up the medicine before taking it.
  2. The government wanted to reform the institutions, to shake up the country.
  3. Shake up before drinking.
  4. We’ve got to shake up all these people with old – fashioned ideas.

What do shook up mean?

: nervously upset : agitated.

What does I’ll shake you mean?

If you are, I’d say “I could shake you” could be translated as either “Give your head a shake” or “I’d like to give you a good shake”. Both suggest waking another to reality or shaking him out of a state of naïveté.

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What do you mean by shaken me?

adjective. shocked or upset. Unhurt, but a bit shaken, she was trying not to cry. I was feeling a bit shaken. Collins English Dictionary.

What does shook mean on Snapchat?

To be overwhelming impressed with something, or someone, is the same thing as being shook. This term was heavily used in the ’90s to describe being afraid of someone, and somehow made a comeback in 2016 with a new meaning. This is one throwback we’d literally like to throw back — forever.

What does it mean to say Im shook?

What is the meaning of “I’m shook”? “I’m shook” means I’m startled or surprised. People use it when they come to a sudden and unexpected realization.

Is I M shook grammatically correct?

Shook is the standard past tense form of the verb “shake.” If I shake someone’s hand today, then I shook someone’s hand yesterday, okay? Shaked is not a word. … Shaken is the standard past participle of the verb “shake.” If I shook his hand yesterday, then his hand was shaken yesterday.