Quick Answer: What is the difference between base policy and top up policy?

What is base policy and top up policy?

A regular policy reimburses hospital bills up to the sum insured while a top-up plan covers costs after a certain threshold is reached. In simple words, when you are hospitalised, the insurer will pay up to the set sum insured limit.

What is Topup policy?

A top-up plan is a regular health insurance policy that covers hospitalisation costs but only after a threshold limit, known as deductible, is crossed. … A top-up plan, therefore, is a cost-effective way to increase your health insurance cover. You can take a base policy and a top-up over and above that policy.

What is the difference between plan and top up?

The major difference lies in the fact that a Super Top-up Plan offers coverage for complete hospitalization bills above the threshold limit, whereas a top-up policy only covers a single hospitalization claim above the threshold limit (i.e. the Deductible amount).

What is the benefit of a top up plan in health insurance?

To expand the sum insured or total cover value, health insurance companies have started offering top ups to support the base policy. Top up for health insurance plans, are clearly designed with an idea to give you additional cover in case your existing policy gets exhausted or proves insufficient for medical treatment.

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How good is Max Bupa?

0.5 4.5/5 “Excellent!” From Max bupa I have group health mediclaim of Rs. 2 lakhs its covers my entire family like spouse and children. So far there is no claim but still this policy is good for the medical emergency which got tied up with more hospitals for cash less treatment, they do have critical illness cover.

What is the difference between top up and special recharge?

It can be refilled once the existing top up account replenishes. On the other hand, special recharge is the special type of prepaid offers that are limited for certain period of time and gets replenished at the precise duration whether used or unused.

How does super top up policy work?

A super top-up plan covers the total of all hospitalization bills once the deductible is paid. In other words, when the total admissible claims surpass the deductible limit, this plan becomes active for subsequent claims. The deductible is applied to the total admissible claims in one year.

What does buy up mean in insurance?

Buy-up coverage is the portion of crop insurance coverage for which a participating farmer in the US pays a premium. … Any coverage purchased above the CAT level was referred to as buy-up coverage, and was partially subsidized by the US federal government.

What is a base buy up plan?

plans that allow employees to obtain greater coverage —or “buy up” to a higher level of insurance on a voluntary basis.

Which is better HSA or PPO?

An HSA can help you to save money for medical expenses, while a PPO plan confers access to a network of healthcare providers. Can invest money in a way that has triple tax advantages. Low premiums. Greater flexibility for how money can be spent.

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