Quick Answer: What is the purpose of a compensation system?

What is a compensation system?

Compensation system involves the total rewards that are given to the employees for the labour and services they provide to the organization. Compensation includes direct monetary benefits as well as indirect monetary benefits.

What are the advantages of a compensation system?

Fair compensation can inspire employees to give their very best, keeping your top performers engaged and encouraging others to engage more. It also improves happiness and job satisfaction, which can lead to lower turnover and higher retention.

Why compensation and benefit is important?


A well designed compensation and benefits plan helps to attract, motivate and retain talent in your firm (which is myWear). … A compensation plan that hits workers’ needs is more likely to motivate them to act in the desired way.

What is the purpose of the compensation function of HR?

Compensation managers are responsible for working with employment data and keeping up with complex benefits administration rules and regulations. Compensation management plays a large role in HR because it can impact employee retention, the hiring process, company performance, and team engagement.

Why should compensation systems be equitable?

Designing a compensation system that is equitable is important for the success of an organization. External inequity may result in losing good employees to employers who are paying more for the same work. … Moreover, compensation inequity can cause a decrease in productivity and organizational morale.

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What role does compensation play in a management control system?

The main functions of Compensation Management are:

This function ensures that more difficult jobs are paid more and that they are fairly compensated in comparison to similar jobs in the market. (2) The Welfare Function – This function is to take care of their psychological and social need satisfaction.