What do people mean when they say pack it up?

What means pack it up?

to collect all your things together when you have finished doing something: I’m about to pack up my things and go home.

What does pack it mean in slang?

informal. : to stop doing a job or an activity : quit Do you think we should pack it in or keep going? They were ready to pack it in for the day.

What does pack out slang mean?

phrasal verb. pack something out. ​(of shows, performers, etc.) to attract enough people to completely fill a theatre, etc.

What does it mean when someone says pack in?

Stop working or abandon an activity, as in Let’s pack it in for the day. This usage alludes to packing one’s things before departing, and during World War I became military slang for being killed. It also is used as an imperative ordering someone to stop, as in Pack it in! I’ve heard enough out of you.

What does back it up mean in slang?

To move or maneuver someone or something backwards.

Has packed up meaning?

1 : to gather one’s belongings together and put them in a suitcase or other container for traveling He packed up and left town. 2 British, informal : to stop or quit She packs up when things become difficult.

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What does packing you out mean?

pack out. 1. To fill some space with spectators or audience members.

What does pack out mean in retail?

Pack out: The total number of packages of an item for the shelf to be at capacity or fully stocked. Packing out refers to the process of filling the store shelves with replenishment products from the store’s backroom supply.