What do you mean by transformation explain?

What is transformation explain with example?

Transformation is the process of changing. An example of a transformation is a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

What do you mean by transformation in English?

a complete change in the appearance or character of something or someone: [ C ] This plan means a complete transformation of our organization. Transformation is also a permanent change in a cell that results when DNA comes from a different type of cell.

What do you mean by transformation in science?

(1) The act, state or process of changing, such as in form or structure; the conversion from one form to another. (2) (biology) Any change in an organism that alters its general character and mode of life; post-natal biological transformation or metamorphosis.

What do people mean by transformation?

Let’s try on a definition: transformation is changing the potential of the human beings in an organization. It can be positive or negative change. A well-considered transformation unlocks human potential that is hindered by culture, processes, funding, or yes, technology.

What is transformation short answer?

Definition of Transformation

In the process of transformation, an object can change its size, position, or orientation. It involves taking a pre-image of an object and producing its image with a transformation of some sort.

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What is transformation in education?

Transformation is the name given to the process when a school changes to become an integrated school. Any school is able to transform to become an integrated school, with the exception of special schools and schools established in hospitals. These schools are an exception due to current legislation.

What is meant by transformation in chemistry?

The conversion of a substrate into a particular product, irrespective of reagents or mechanisms involved. A transformation is distinct from a reaction, the full description of which would state or imply all the reactants and all the products. …

What is transformation in biology for kids?

In molecular biology, transformation is the genetic alteration of a cell by the direct uptake and expression of DNA from its surroundings. … Transformation is one of three processes by which outside genetic material may be brought into bacterial cells.