What do you understand by transformation of energy Class 9?

What do you understand by transformation of energy explain with the help of suitable example class 9?

Examples: The electrical energy in an electric bulb is converted into heat and light energy. The electrical energy in an electromagnet is converted into magnetic energy. A cell or a battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy.

What is the importance of transformation of energy?

For example- We humans eat food to store potential chemical energy. We use this energy by converting it to useful kinetic energy when we walk or move in any way,and also sound energy when we talk. Heat energy is produced all the time as a waste, and radiates from our body even more when we work or put more stress.

Was there energy transformation?

All energy forms can be transformed into other forms of energy: by burning coal we transform its chemical potential energy into thermal energy (heat). Thermodynamics is the science studying the transformation of energy into work and vice versa. …

What is energy transformation in nature?

You remember that energy exists in various forms, and various forms are interconvertible and as such one form of energy can be transformed into one another form. In nature, energy transformations are brought about by living organisms. Their activities cause energy to flow through ecosystems unidirectionally.

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