What does it mean for an experience to be Epistemically transformative?

How learning is a transformative experience?

Transformative Experience Theory focuses on how in-school learning can enrich out-of-school experience by expanding perception, contributing meaning and value to future experience, and transforming our relationship with the world. It combines ideas from John Dewey’s theory of aesthetics and his philosophy of education.

What is the problem of transformative experience?

A personally transformative experience is one which alters an agent’s values—which things are valued and the extent to which they are valued. In a decision-theoretic framework, transformative experiences are ones which alter an agent’s utilities. Paul takes it that such changes pose a problem for decision theory.

What is transformative philosophy?

Transformative Philosophy articulates a new conception of philosophy through a discussion of salient themes in the analytical tradition, in the work of the later Wittgenstein, and in critical theory. … This work makes a great contribution to the study of philosophy and social theory.

What is an example of a transformative experience?

To count as a transformative experience, something must be both epistemically and personally transformative. Examples include taking certain drugs, going to the moon, going to war, killing someone, being spiritually reborn, or suffering a major physical accident.

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What is a transforming experience?

1] To us, “transforming experiences” means enabling anytime-anywhere operations, seamless customer journeys, omnichannel engagement, modernization of your existing IT systems, smooth collaboration, and more.

When can learning become a transformative?

According to Stephen D. Brookfield, learning can only be considered transformative if it involves a fundamental questioning or reordering of how one thinks or acts; a challenge to hegemonic implications.

What is the goal of transformative learning?

The purpose of transformative education is to empower learners to see the social world differently and through an ethical lens, so that they will challenge and change the status quo as agents of change.

What are the 4 process of transformative learning?

Nerstrom Transformative Learning Model

The four phases are (a) having experiences; (b) making assumptions; (c) challenging perspectives; and (d) experiencing transformative learning. Transformative learning then becomes a new experience.

What is a transformative decision?

A transformative decision rule alters the representation of a decision problem, either by changing the set of alternative acts or the set of states of the world taken into consideration, or by modifying the probability or value assignments.

What makes an experience transformative according to La Paul?

An experience is transformative if it is both epistemically and personally transforma- tive. Examples. Becoming a parent; fighting in a war; undergoing a religious conversion; going to college; embarking on a career; becoming bereaved. You could choose to have a transformative experience arbitrarily.

What is the difference between transformative and transformational?

As adjectives the difference between transformative and transformational. is that transformative is that causes transformation while transformational is of, pertaining to or leading to transformation.

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