What does it mean to be built up?

Whats the meaning of built up?

1 : made of several sections or layers fastened together. 2 : covered with buildings.

What does it mean to build up a person?

phrasal verb. If you build someone up, you help them to feel stronger or more confident, especially when they have had a bad experience or have been ill. Build her up with kindness and a sympathetic ear. [

What does build yourself up mean?

phrasal verb. build up to something | build yourself up to something. ​to prepare for a particular moment or event. Build yourself up to peak performance on the day of the exam. If you are building up to a competition you may wish to increase your fitness and endurance.

What is another word for built-up?

What is another word for build up?

increase expand
climb develop
fortify heighten
hype improve
intensify reinforce

What is the difference between build up and build up?

Senior Member. “Build” implies starting from nothing, or nearly nothing. “Build up” (phrasal verb) implies reinforcing or strengthening already existing relations.

What does build up mean in a story?

Buildup is a noun that refers to an increase in something, usually tension or pressure. In literature, you could think of the rising action plot phase as a buildup to the climax. … In her review of the latest blockbuster superhero movie, Malaya noted that the plot seemed to be all buildup, with no satisfying conclusion.

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What is the phrasal verb of build up?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbuild up phrasal verb1 increase graduallyINCREASE IN ACTIVITY, FEELINGS ETC if something builds up somewhere, or if you build it up, it gradually becomes bigger or greater the rate at which the pension builds upbuild something ↔ up The museum has built up a fine art …

What do you mean by expansion?

: the act of becoming bigger or of making something bigger : the act of expanding.

How do you build someone up?

5 Ways To Build Each Other Up

  1. Encourage One Another. One of the best ways to build each other up is through encouragement. …
  2. Listen With Intent. Another way to build each other up is to simply listen to what the other person has to say. …
  3. Share your knowledge. …
  4. Offer support. …
  5. Focus on the positive.

What do you mean by aspirations?

1a : a strong desire to achieve something high or great an aspiration to become famous —usually plural a young man with political/literary aspirations. b : an object of such desire An acting career is her aspiration. 2 : a drawing of something in, out, up, or through by or as if by suction: such as.