What does it mean when an RA is paid up?

What does paid up RA mean?

When your husband stopped contributing to the retirement annuity, the retirement annuity would have been deemed “paid-up”. You may have incurred a “termination penalty” at that point, to recover outstanding upfront costs incurred by Old Mutual.

What does it mean when your retirement annuity is paid up?

You remain a. member of. the Fund. Although your employment has been terminated with your employer, you did not withdraw from the Fund and therefore you are still a member of the Fund. All your retirement savings (your entire member share) remains safely invested in the Fund and continues to earn interest.

Can a retirement annuity be paid up?

The earliest you can retire is at age 55. The fact that you have made your retirement annuity paid-up (ie stopped contributing) does not change this fact. … You are allowed to take up to one-third as a cash lump sum; you must use at least two-thirds to invest in an annuity or living annuity.

How is a retirement annuity paid out?

Currently, when you retire and you are a member of a provident fund or provident preservation fund, your retirement interest is usually paid by way of a lump sum unless the rules of such a fund provide for the payment of an annuity on a member’s retirement.

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Can I withdraw money from my RA?

If the amount available is less than R247 500, the full amount can be withdrawn subject to tax, if applicable. If you have already completed the formal/financial process with the Sarb then you would be able to withdraw your retirement annuity before age 55.

Is RA a good investment?

RAs are by far the most tax-efficient investment you can make. Not only are you allowed to deduct your contributions to your RA from your annual taxable income (up to certain limits), but the growth in your RA is 100% tax-free.

What is a paid up annuity?

Longevity Annuity: also known as a “paid-up” annuity. This type of annuity provides protection against outliving your money late in life. They are usually purchased as a supplemental retirement investment. Once the payout begins, the annuity provides a regular amount of income for the rest of your life.

What happens when a retirement annuity matures?

The income withdrawn will be taxed at your marginal income tax rate. My advice would be to withdraw the minimum and reinvest the amount into the voluntary investment you created with the one-third cash lump sum – as you don’t require the income until you have reached your actual retirement date.

What happens if I stop paying my retirement annuity?

Answer: Unfortunately, your life cover would cease if you can longer pay the premiums. If you cannot make your monthly retirement annuity contributions, your money will remain invested but you will only be able to access it from age 55 onward.

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How much can I withdraw from my retirement annuity?

At age 57 you can retire or withdraw from a fund, unless the fund rules or employer require one or the other. On withdrawal you only get R25 000 tax-free once-off over your whole career and you can take all the money in cash.

What is RA fund?

A retirement annuity (RA) is a retirement fund in terms of the Pension Funds Act. It is a tax effective investment vehicle designed for individual investors (as opposed to employees who contribute to a workplace retirement fund).