What does it mean when someone calls you jumped up?

What does jumped mean in slang?

1. slang To attack (someone), usually unexpectedly. David has a black eye because he got jumped coming home last night. 2. vulgar slang To have sex (with someone).

What does jumped someone mean?

1 : to become very angry at (someone) : to angrily criticize or shout at (someone) The teacher jumped on us for being late. The coach jumped on him for not playing hard enough.

What is another way of saying jumped?

Jumped Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for jumped?

leapedUS leaptUK
sprung bounced
bounded bound
skipped bobbed
vaulted lurched

What means go jump?

chiefly US, informal. —used as an angry way to tell someone to go away I was so mad at him that I told him to go jump in the lake.

What is the opposite of jumped?

What is the opposite of jumped?

fell felled
slumped tripped
tumbled buckled
slid slidden
staggered face-planted

What is the opposite meaning of jump?

Opposite of to physically launch oneself into the air. fall. drop. descend. plummet.

What part of speech is jumped?

jump (noun) jumped–up (adjective)

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