What does ramp up phase meaning?

What does it mean to ramp-up someone?

to increase or cause to increase. 2. ( intransitive) to increase the effort involved in a process.

What is ramp-up phase?

The term ramp-up refers to when a company substantially increases its output in response to increased demand or an expected increase in the near term. Start-up companies also ramp up once they leave the prototype stage and begin regular production for the market.

What does ramp-up mean in sales?

A sales-ramp-up period is defined as the amount of time it takes for a new sales hire to reach full productivity and begin providing value to your sales team. Under normal circumstances, this is typically between six and nine months.

What is a ramp-up in supply chain?

The companies that have had to deal with an extreme drop in demand will experience an accelerated start-up of their supply chain (ramp-up) after the Corona crisis. This might result in: High pressure on the performance of the current organisation.

What is another term for ramp-up?

Definitions of ramp up. verb. bolster or strengthen. “ramp up security in the airports” synonyms: build, build up, work up build, build up, progress, work up.

What is ramp down?

To decrease in volume, amount, or rate: As the project ramped down, several employees were laid off. ramp up. To increase in volume, amount, or rate: The factory ramped up production to meet the increased demand.

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What is ramp-up management?

In the operation of machines and plants, ramp-up management refers to the phase between the installation of the plant and the start or, in the case of a production stop, before production is resumed.

How do you write a ramp-up plan?

5 Steps to Create a New-Hire Performance Ramp-Up Plan

  1. Identify the role’s key performance indicators (KPIs).
  2. Choose an escalating set of monthly KPI targets you expect them to hit as they acclimate to the role.
  3. Get the new employee’s buy-in on the plan and the metrics.