What does re up mean in slang?

Whats it mean to re up?

verb (used with or without object), re-upped, re-up·ping. to reenlist for military service. to sign on or sign up for an additional period of time: A fan favorite, he’s re-upped with the Celtics for $9 million. to replenish or refill (a supply, especially of illegal drugs): I have no money to re-up on my stash.

What does re up mean in text?

Verb. re-up (third-person singular simple present re-ups, present participle re-upping, simple past and past participle re-upped) (US) To renegotiate a contract. (slang) To refill one’s drug stash.

Where did the term re up come from?

re-up (v.) “re-enlist,” by 1906, U.S. armed forces slang, from re- “back, again” + up (v.) “enlist.” Related: Re-upped; re-upping.

What does do not REUP mean?

Meaning of re-up in English

to join the armed forces again, or to sign to stay in the armed forces: He tried to re-up after Sept. 11, but was told he was too old. He decided to re-up for another tour. If he doesn’t re-up with the Panthers he is as good as gone.

What is the synonym of refill?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for refill. refresh, reload, repack, replenish.

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