What does the phrase up and down mean?

What does the expression up and down mean?

sometimes happy and sometimes sad: She’s been very up and down since her husband went into the hospital. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

What’s another way of saying up and down?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for up-and-down, like: uneven, perpendicular, yoyo, s-shaped, round and round, vacillating, , bobbing, seesaw, vertical and to-and-fro.

What does walking up and down mean?

Verb. To walk at a steady speed, especially without a particular destination and as an expression of anxiety or annoyance. pace.

Are up and down verbs?

Common meanings with ‘up’ and ‘down’ Phrasal verbs with up and down often include a literal meaning of vertical movement (↑↓) or increasing (↗) and decreasing (↘). These usually have no object (example 1) or are separable (example 2) – learn more about no object and separable phrasal verbs here.

How do you describe up and down motion?

Undulation is a flowing, up-and-down movement like the motion of waves. … Undulation best applies to waves, but it can also describe similar movements. If dancers are moving in a flowing manner, that’s also undulation. The verb form of this word is undulate, and both come from the Latin word for “wave,” unda.

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What does fluctuating mean?

1 : to shift back and forth uncertainly Oil prices fluctuated. Temperatures fluctuated. 2 : to rise and fall in or as if in waves The boat fluctuated on the rough sea. transitive verb. : to cause to fluctuate.

What do you mean by back and forth across the pool?

back and forth across the pool – to swim across the swimming pool from one side to the other.