What does the term 1 up mean?

What does 1 up mean?

adjective. having gained an advantage in some way that betokens success, especially over rivals. leading an opponent by one point or one scoring unit: The home team was one up on the visitors. one each; tied at a score of one: The score was one up in the ninth inning.

Where did the term 1 up come from?

“1-up” was first seen in multi-player pinball and other arcade games. In these games, “1UP” meant that it was player one’s turn. Likewise, “2UP” meant it was player two’s turn, and so on. In some cases, arcade games also used this terminology to designate which score was whose.

What does 1UP girl mean?

So when it says 1-up girl it means that there’s no other girl like the one its talking about.

What’s another word for one up?

What is another word for one-up?

manipulate maneuverUS
hatch invent
cogitate promote
think of think up
trump up cook up

What is 1UP Mario?

An extra life (also known as a 1-Up, 1-UP, 1UP, or Life Up) is a term used in video games, especially platforming games, such as those in the Mario franchise. A 1-Up awards the player an extra chance to beat the game.

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What does 1 up mean on Reddit?

9y. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1-up. started in 1970s arcade machines as shorthand for “Player (1/2/3/4) is up”. later the term also was used in japanese games to represent that your life total goes up by 1.

What does 1UP mean in Pacman?

1-up. “Player 1’s turn.” Whoever added this must have been referring to the fact that some games announce “1UP” when it’s player 1’s turn to take the controls (and “2UP”, etc. for other players). But “1UP” does not refer to the turn, as defined here: it refers to the player himself.

How do you get one up on Mario?

Jump to the right a little and hit the block one space to the right of the edge of the platform you are on, making sure you land back on the platform. Jump straight up, as high as you can, and hit the block next to the gap you opened. A 1-up mushroom will appear; let it fall to the ground.