What does the thumbs up sign mean in other countries?

What does thumbs-up mean in Europe?

The “thumbs up” sign popular in the United States is used widely in most of Europe to say “OK” (it also represents the number one when counting). … Some cultures also indicate “yes” and “no” differently: In Turkey, they shake their heads as Americans do, but someone may also signal “no” by tilting their head back.

What does thumbs-up mean in Asia?

The thumbs-up gesture is commonly used in many cultures to signify a job well done. … However, it is considered a rude gesture in Slovakia, China, East Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and many other parts of the world. It’s also considered extremely impolite to use this gesture with people.

What does thumbs-up mean in Philippines?

8. Thumbs Up. Another common Filipino hand gesture is the ‘thumbs up. ‘ Thumbs up is pretty much used just the same as most places in the world. A thumbs-up gesture is used to mean ‘good,’ ‘alright,’ ‘okay,’ or to indicate acknowledgment or approval.

What does thumbs up mean in Spain?

Thumbs up. Often the most universal signal meaning “good” or “okay”, it isn’t the most polite thing to do outside of the UK.

Is thumbs up rude in Italy?

Thumbs-Up. The thumbs-up signals approval in the U.S. and on Facebook, but in Afghanistan, Iran, parts of Italy, and Greece, it means “up yours.” So next time you’re trying to hitchhike in, say, Tuscany, you should reconsider before sticking out your thumb. Avoid Using In: Afghanistan, Iran, parts of Italy, and Greece.

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Is thumbs up rude in Japan?

That’s because in Japan, giving the thumbs-down is very similar to giving the middle finger in the U.S. – it means something like “go to hell.” Very odd considering they use the thumbs-up sign no problem, but hey, it’s hardly the first time Japan has confused the crap out of us.

What does thumbs up mean in Malaysia?

its mean “Good“…so ok to use in Malaysia.

What does emoji mean?

Thumbs Up emoji

The thumbs-up emoji is used to express assent, approval, or encouragement in digital communications, especially in Western cultures.