What does up hill mean?

What is the meaning for uphill or downhill?

(moving) towards the bottom of a hill: It’s so much easier running downhill! The route is all downhill from here to the finishing line. Compare. uphill.

Does uphill mean good or bad?

Closed 6 years ago. The expression “It’s all up hill from here!” and “It’s all down hill from here!” mean that things will only get better or things will only get worst. Metaphorically going uphill can provide for a better position, while going down hill is easier.

What does uphill work mean?

A task that is very daunting from the outset and continues to be challenging.

What does uphill struggle mean?

: a very difficult struggle Starting her own business has proven to be an uphill battle.

Does downhill mean bad?

But go downhill: generally indicates a negative trend: Deteriorate, worsen, as in Ever since the recession began, the business has been going downhill . The figurative use of downhill for “decline” dates from the mid-1800.

What does all downhill from here mean?

to be much easier: Once we get the preparation done, it’ll be downhill all the way. If I can just get through the training period, it’ll be all downhill from here. to get worse; to be less successful: The job went well at first, but then I got sick and it’s been downhill ever since.

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When things go downhill meaning?

If you say that something is going downhill, you mean that it is becoming worse or less successful. Since I started to work longer hours things have gone steadily downhill. For the movie business, it was all downhill from there. His career was heading downhill fast.

How do you use uphill in a sentence?

upward on a hill or incline. (1) He had been running uphill a long way. (2) The last part of the race is all uphill. (3) The last mile is all uphill.

What is an uphill slope?

Uphill & downhill are both slopes. Uphill is an upward slope, downhill is a downward slope.

What type of word is uphill?

uphill used as an adjective:

going up a slope or a hill. difficult or laborious.