What is a settle up balance?

Why do I have a credit on my Duke Energy bill 2021?

If you paid for more electricity than you used, you will be billed for the difference on your 12th month’s bill plus receive a credit. If your credit is more than your 12 month’s bill, the credit will be applied to future bills until the credit amount is depleted.

What is levelized billing?

Levelized Billing makes your electric bills nearly predictable. Under Levelized Billing, each monthly bill is the rolling average of your electric usage for the most recent 12 months. For instance, this month’s bill would be the average electric usage of the previous 11 months, plus this month.

Is Budget billing on utilities a good idea?

Bottom line: Utility budget-billing plans might be a good idea for homeowners and renters who want a little more predictability in their monthly payments. But before you sign, you really need to understand how your utility company’s plan works.

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What does a negative APS bill mean?

When you have a negative balance on your APS electricity bill, it is because the amount of electricity you purchased from APS and delivered to your home was less than the electricity you generated with your solar panels and the amount of excess electricity you exported back to the grid, or sold back to APS.

Why does my Duke Energy account have a credit balance?

Our new system is designed to automatically refund deposits when a customer meets certain criteria based on their payment history. Customers may see this deposit refund on their account, which will offset their amount due and may result in a credit on their account.

Why does my Duke Energy Bill have a negative balance?

A negative dollar amount indicates that your energy credits have exceeded your energy charges.

Why is my novec bill so high?

Have you received an unusually high bill lately? High bills usually follow periods of extremely hot or cold weather when customers use more electricity to heat or cool their homes.

Does level billing save money?

The Level Pay Plan does not reduce the amount of your bill — you’re still responsible for paying the full cost of the energy you use, but you can split the cost into equal payments throughout the year.

What is Flint levelized billing?

Members can choose a levelized billing program that might be just the answer. Levelized billing prevents drastic changes in your bill, even in the coldest or hottest months of the year. This can help you budget your finances more consistently each month. No surprises.

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Why did my budget billing go up?

We average your annual energy costs over the last 12 months to determine a monthly payment amount, then we adjust your monthly amount once every 4 months if your actual energy usage has significantly changed. This amount may go up or down.

Can you cancel budget billing?

You may cancel budget billing whenever you wish by calling (888) 835-4672.

What does cons mean on water bill?

Current Cons = Current year consumption. IWVWD Remittance Addresses, Telephone Number and Business Hours: The monthly water bill also includes a remittance envelope.

What is a settle up balance for APS?

The difference between your Budget Billing payment and the actual cost of your usage is called your settle-up balance. You can find your settle-up balance (debit or credit) on your monthly bill. If your average energy cost becomes higher than your Budget Billing payment, you build a debit.

Does in debit mean I owe money?

If your account is in debit, you’ve used more energy than you’ve paid for. When your energy bill is in debit it means that you owe the supplier money.

Does a negative balance mean you owe money?

A negative balance on a credit card means your credit card company owes you money, rather than the other way around. In other words, you’ve paid more than your total balance due. … But if you’ve paid more than you owe, or if your statement credits exceed your charges, you’ll see a negative balance instead.