What is air gap between stator and rotor?

What is function of air gap between stator and rotor in the induction motor?

Air gap is needed in order to protect the rotor and stator to strike each other while rotor being rotating at very high speed. The length of air gap can be a deciding factor for losses of magnetic flux taking place in the two circuits. Length of air gap can also be decided on the cooling required for the system.

Why is air gap between stator and rotor kept small?

Why does a generator manufacturer keep the air gap between rotor and stator as small as possible? The smaller the air gap is, the lower the reluctance, and the higher the magnetic flux, which allows the motor to work more efficiently and at a higher power.

Why is the air gap between the stator and rotor of a three phase induction motor kept as short as possible?

The air gap between the rotor and stator of a 3-phase induction motor is made as small as possible in order that : (i) mutual flux may be produced with a minimum exciting current. (it) leakage reactance are as small as possible.

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When air gap increased in between stator and rotor and magnetizing current increases then short circuit current?

If the air gap of an induction motor increases, 1) The permeability of the magnetic circuit rotor-to-stator will decrease. 2) The magnetizing inductance of the motor thus decreases. 3) The magnetizing current will increase; This will cause a poor power factor at all loads.

What is the length of the air gap?

For small PM synchronous motors, the air gap (mechanical clearance) between the stator core and rotor poles or pole shoes should be 0.3 to 1.0 mm [6,8], and can even reach 1.5 mm [9]. The smaller the air gap, the lower the starting current drawn by the motor.

What is the synchronous speed when F 60hz P 6?

The synchronous speed of 60 Hz, 4 Pole Induction Motor is: 900 RPM.

Why we should maintain air gap?

In addition, if the rotor is eccentric relative to the stator and the air gap is too small, the stiffness of the shaft might be overcome by the resulting unbalanced magnetic pull. … In short, in air gap that is wider than necessary could have a negative impact on the efficiency and performance of your motor.

What is unidirectional torque?

Rating. Unlock Full Solution (Free) A commutator together with its brushes is a rotary switch which acts to ensure that the current flowing through the armature windings acts in the same direction relative to the magnetic field and produced unidirectional torque.