What is meant by wake up call?

What does wake-up call mean?

1 : something (such as a telephone call from a hotel employee to a guest) that serves to wake a sleeper. 2 : something that serves to alert a person to a problem, danger, or need a wake-up call to parents.

What are some examples of wake-up call?

Wake up call is an arrangement made for a telephone to ring at a certain time to serve as an alarm clock. An example of a wake up call is when you tell the hotel front desk to call you at 7:00 AM. The definition of a wake up call is something that makes you change your behavior or attitude.

Why is wake-up call important?

It is very important to handle wake up call accurately and promptly for guests in hotel font desk operations, If Front desk staffs fails to give the wakeup call to guests then this can lead to inconvenience to guest eg: Missing flights or important meetings and lead to guest dissatisfaction.

How do you say wake-up call?

Synonyms & Antonyms of wake-up call

  1. caution,
  2. red flag,
  3. red light,
  4. tip-off,
  5. tocsin,
  6. warning.

Can you get a wake-up call?

Wake Up Dialer will call you on any cell or landline anywhere in North America. It’s simple to program and always reliable. These days you can’t beat free, and if you also need reminders or know someone who could benefit from appointment or medication reminders, today’s service can solve those issues as well.

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How do you use wake up call in a sentence?

Wake-up-call sentence example

  1. Remember that when your cat gives you that next early morning wake up call . …
  2. Perhaps this will be a wake up call for Haley Joel Osment, and he will use it as a stepping stone to get what was once a stellar acting career back on track. …
  3. Maybe these pics will be a wake up call for Jess.

How do you get a wake up call in a hotel?

If the guest does not answer the phone after the 3rd wake-up call (15 minutes after scheduled time), the front desk associate will go to the specified room number and knock on the door. The approved door greeting is “Hotel front desk, this is your wake-up call.” Wait 30 seconds for a response.

Where does wake-up call come from?

Origin of Wake-Up Call

This expression first appeared around the 1900s and came from a common practice at hotels. Many hotels offer a courtesy phone call to help their guests wake-up in the morning. The guests can choose what time they would like the hotel employee to call them.

Who is a walked guests?

The term in the travel industry is “walked.” That’s when a hotel tells a traveler with a confirmed reservation that it does not, in fact, have an available room and instead books a room for the guest at another hotel.