What is stator slot pitch?

What is slot pitch?

Slot-pitch meaning

The distance between like-colored phosphor stripes in a CRT that uses a slot mask. This is slightly closer than the dot pitch in traditional shadow mask CRTs, which measures the diagonal distance between dots.

How is stator slot pitch calculated?

Slot space factor = Copper area in the slot /Area of each slot This slot space factor so obtained will be between 0.25 and 0.4. = 2L + 2.3 τ + 0.24 where L is the gross length of the stator and τ is pole pitch in meter.

What is coil pitch?

The distance between the two sides of an individual coil of an AC armature winding is termed the coil pitch. When the angular distance between the sides of a coil is exactly equal to the angular distance between the centers of adjacent field poles, the coil is termed to be a full pitch coil.

How are slot angles calculated?

These slots are distributed along the periphery of stator in 2 pole pitches. Therefore the angle between any two consecutive slots will be equal to 20 degree (2×180 / 18 = 20). This angle between two consecutive slots is called Angular Slot Pitch.

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