What is the meaning of chalk up something?

What does it mean to chalk up something?

Definition of chalk (something) up to

: to explain (something) by stating its cause : to say that (something) was caused by (something) Chalk it up to bad timing. Her early mistakes can be chalked up to inexperience.

What is the meaning of the phrasal verb chalk up?

phrasal verb. chalk up something. ​(informal) to achieve or record a success, points in a game, etc. The team chalked up their tenth win this season.

What is chalk mean in slang?

Chalky is an adjective version of the slang chalk. It means a person tends to pick all the favorites or their picks are heavily slanted toward the favorites.

What does it mean to chalk somebody?

chalk (something or someone) off

To presume, dismiss, or disregard someone or something as being a certain way.

Is it chock up or chalk up?

Today it means to give credit in a more general sense, as in the expression “chalk it up to experience” (credit it to experience, add it to your account of experiences).” A successful team may chalk up another win. You chock a vehicle parked on a slope by slipping a wedge called a “chock” behind its wheels.

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Is it chock it up or chalk it up?

The idiom “chock it up” can be correct in instances where it means to insert wedge-shaped blocks or other objects next to something to prevent it from rolling, dropping, or coming loose; but it is not correct—at least not yet—in place of chalk it up in the idiomatic expression “chalk it up to X.”

How do you use the phrase chalk it up?

To link something that has happened to a particular reason or circumstance. Don’t get too down on yourselves after this loss, boys. Let’s just chalk it up to inexperience and move on.

What does chalk it down mean?

common in phr. to chalk it up (to) , to charge it (to) (a person, an account, experience, etc.). Also, to write down; to set down as a sum or estimate.

What is in chalk?

chalk, soft, fine-grained, easily pulverized, white-to-grayish variety of limestone. Chalk is composed of the shells of such minute marine organisms as foraminifera, coccoliths, and rhabdoliths. The purest varieties contain up to 99 percent calcium carbonate in the form of the mineral calcite.

Where does the phrase chalk it up come from?

Explanation: To chalk something up is to attribute it. When we chalk something up to experience, we’re saying that although it wasn’t the outcome we wanted, we can at least learn from the experience. The phrase originated with the custom of marking bar tabs and scores on a slate in pubs.

What is chalky a nickname for?

“Chalky”, nickname of Charles Clinton Fleek (1947–1969), United States Army sergeant and recipient of the Medal of Honor.

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What does full of chalk mean?

: completely full. See the full definition for chock-full in the English Language Learners Dictionary. chock-full. adjective. ˈchäk-ˈfu̇l