What is the meaning of lay up in basketball?

What is meaning of lay up?

Definition of lay up (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to store up : lay by. 2 : to disable or confine with illness or injury a knee injury laid him up for a week. 3 : to take out of active service.

What is a lay up in sport?

role in basketball

main field shots is the layup, in which the shooter, while close to the basket, jumps and lays the ball against the backboard so it will rebound into the basket or just lays it over the rim.

Why is it called a lay up?

Basketball shot so called by 1955, short for lay-up shot (1947). The verbal phrase is attested from mid-14c. as “store away,” 1550s as “confine to one’s bed or room” (of illness); of ships in docks, 1660s. Related: Laid-up.

What is a lay by?

Word forms: plural lay-bys. countable noun. A lay-by is a short strip of road by the side of a main road, where cars can stop for a while.

Why is a layup important in basketball?

A lay-up provides a player with the opportunity to drive at the opponent’s basket, jump close to the target and release the ball safely at the backboard. When used effectively it has the highest percentage chance of scoring points.

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Where do you aim on a layup?

When you begin practicing your layups, aim for the top corner of the square. However, after you master that, attempt to shoot them higher and higher off the backboard.

Is lay up one word in basketball?

or lay′up`,

n. a basketball shot made close to the basket and often angled off the backboard.

What is the difference between lay up and finger roll?

A finger roll in basketball is a type of layup in which the players finishes with an underhand motion having the ball roll from his fingertips into the basket. The finger roll is a difficult move to master; it takes a very skilled player to do the finger roll consistently well.