What is the type and meaning of up to date?

What does it mean keep up to date?

Definition. Idiom: keep up to date. to continue giving or adding the most relevant information. to stay informed about the most recent trends or developments.

What is the meaning of up to date technology?

modern and using the latest ideas or knowledge. up-to-date technology.

Which is correct up to date or up to date?

When it comes after the noun, the compound adjective usually doesn’t get a hyphen. So, we say an easy-to-remember number, but the number is easy to remember. Same goes for up to date—if it’s before a noun it needs a hyphen. A document is up to date but it’s an up-to-date document.

Is up to date or updated?

“Up-to-date” = the current situation of the state of the art at today’s date; and. “Updated” = the current situation of the state of the art at the date of the last updating.

How do you use up to date?

Up-to-date is an adjective phrase that is used as a synonym for current. Something that is up-to-date contains the most recent information available. See the sentences below for examples, The new edition of Kate’s book has the most up-to-date information available on the science of horse nutrition.

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Is up to date informal?

1. modern, fashionable, trendy (Brit. informal), in, newest, now (informal), happening (informal), current, with it (informal), stylish, in vogue, all the rage, up-to-the-minute, having your finger on the pulse This production is bang up-to-date.

How do I tell my calendar is up to date?

The e-mail is saying, I have updated my calendar, so it’s up to date = correct. That everything that he has planned is marked in the calendar and the calendar has the latest information scheduled. An example: My calendar is NOT up to date! I made an appointment with my dentist.

Does to a date include that date?

5 Answers. If something is supposed to happen by a certain day, it means it is supposed to happen not later than that, so it includes the day as well.

Have to date meaning?

To date means up until the present time.