What is voltage regulator example?


Where is a voltage regulator used?

Such a device is widely used in motor vehicles of all types to match the output voltage of the generator to the electrical load and to the charging requirements of the battery. Voltage regulators also are used in electronic equipment in which excessive variations in voltage would be detrimental.

What is the application of voltage regulation?

Voltage regulators (VRs) regulate the voltages within a range that is consistent with the other electrical elements of a power supply. While voltage regulators are more generally used for converting DC/DC power, some may also convert AC/AC or AC/DC power.

What is the most commonly used voltage regulator today?

The most common DC linear fixed voltage regulator ICs used in electronic circuits are the 78XX and 79XX series for positive and negative voltage output respectively. The XX stands for the output voltage which ranges from 2.5 V to 35 V and can support up to 2 A of current.

What are the advantages of voltage regulator?

Electronic Voltage Regulator Advantages & Disadvantages Advantages

  • Output voltage regulation is good (tap switching) to very good (double conversion)
  • Ultrafast voltage correction speed.
  • No restrictions on the number of correction cycles.
  • Versatility of kVA rating, voltage and configuration.

What is difference between voltage regulator and voltage reference?

A voltage regulator is designed to take a variable voltage in (say, 2-5v), and output a constant voltage (say, 3.3v). … On the flip side, a voltage reference is designed to take a variable voltage, and deliver EXACTLY the rated output voltage.

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Which transformer is used as voltage regulator?

One kind of transformer, an autotransformer, can be used to change voltages in a different way. In the autotransformer, the voltage is also transformed magnetically through the steel core, but there is also a direct electrical connection between the primary and secondary windings.