What to do instead of going on your phone when you wake up?

How do you stop looking at my phone when I wake up?

Replace Phone Use With Healthier Habits

  1. Enjoy Some Uninterrupted “Me Time” The early morning hours provide a rare opportunity to practice self-care without distractions. …
  2. Exercise. …
  3. Meditate. …
  4. Don’t Take Your Phone to Bed. …
  5. Use Reminders. …
  6. Use an App. …
  7. Make Healthy Habits More Convenient.

Why should you not look at your phone when you wake up?

Checking your phone as soon as you wake up not only distracts your mind but also sets the tone for distraction for the rest of the day. … Apart from this, looking at your phone upon waking up could hijack your time and attention, and make you less productive.

How long should you wait to use your phone after waking up?

I recommended one hour after waking up, but ultimately, you should choose whatever timing makes sense for your mornings. Think of something else to do instead. Maybe take a walk, maybe do some journaling, maybe make a nice breakfast—just make sure you have a plan, so you don’t default to picking up your phone.

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What can I do instead of my phone all day?

30 things to do instead of looking at your phone

  • Read a book.
  • Visit your grandma.
  • Clean your room.
  • Take a walk.
  • Go window shopping.
  • Go through your closet.
  • Donate clothes.
  • Take a yoga class.

Is it bad to look at your phone in the morning?

In skipping these states and checking your phone right after waking up you are priming your brain for distraction. Seeing or reading something negative first thing in the morning can trigger your stress response and put you on edge for the rest of the day.

How many hours should I use my phone a day?

Experts say adults should limit screen time outside of work to less than two hours per day.

How many people use their phone first thing in the morning?

According to a study done by IDC Research, sponsored by Facebook, 80 percent of all respondents reach for their phone within the first 15 minutes of waking. Of that 80 percent, 62 percent reach for the phone immediately after waking while 44 percent reach for it to use as an alarm clock, according to results.

What is the first use of mobile phone in the morning?

Explanation: alarm should be first use of your device in the morning because it helps you wake at the time you need to for a meeting, school or any other requirements in the morning.