What’s the meaning of held up?

What is another word for held up?

In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for held-up, like: postponed, assaulted, beaten, put off, delayed, attacked, shot at and withheld.

How do you use held up?

Held-up sentence example

  1. He held up the long syringe. …
  2. She held up the picture. …
  3. Shipton held up his hands, mimicking surrender. …
  4. He held up the iPad in front of them. …
  5. Toni held up a sleek phone and Bluetooth earpiece. …
  6. He held up a bottle. …
  7. “Your images are so sharp,” Cynthia marveled as she held up a print.

What does hold up mean in slang?

HOLD UP is a slang term which means “Robbery,” “Delay,” and “Please Wait.”

How do you use hold up in a sentence?

to use or present someone or something as an example She’s always holding up her children as models of good behavior. His ideas were held up to ridicule.

How is your family holding up?

It means “Are you and your family doing ok?”

What is holding up the process?

phrasal verb. To hold up a person or process means to make them late or delay them. Why were you holding everyone up? [

What’s causing the hold up?

What does holdup mean? A holdup is a delay or something that causes a delay. It’s frequently used in the phrase What’s the holdup? —meaning “What’s the cause of the delay?”

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