Which oil we used in transformer?

What are the two types of transformer oil used in a transformer?

There are two main types of transformer oil used today: Paraffin-based transformer oil and naphtha-based transformer oil. The mineral insulating oil is derived from particular crudes, which include extremely low n-paraffin known as wax.

What is the formula of transformer oil?

The transformer oil used in India is paraffin based having long chains of hydrocarbon, with general chemical formula, C nH2n+2.

What is Type 2 transformer oil?

Sunoco Type II Transformer Oil is a high quality oil that is fully inhibited for corrosion resistance in transformers and other oil filled electrical equipment. It is formulated with wax-free naphthenic base oil due to its outstanding dielectric strength.

What is top oil in transformer?

Introduction. Thermal modeling is one of the important studies for the estimation of the top-oil temperature (TOT) and hot-spot temperature (HST) in transformers. TOT is defined as the average of the tank outlet oil temperature and the oil pocket temperature [1].

Why oil is used in transformer?

What is transformer oil? Transformer oil is used to insulate high-voltage electrical infrastructure such as transformers, capacitors, switches and circuit breakers. Transformer oils are designed to operate effectively at very high temperatures, cooling, insulating, and stopping corona discharges and arcing.

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What is viscosity of transformer oil?

High quality transformer oils are normally in the range of 7- 8 mm2/sec at 40°C and even with such low viscosity, they still meet the requirement for flash point (<135°C) from the same standard.

Why silica gel is used in transformer?

Silica gel is used in breather transformers for controlling the level of moisture and prevents it from entering the equipment. They are mainly useful in protecting the transformer oil from the damaging effects of moisture.

Do transformers have oil?

Transformer oil is a mineral based oil that is commonly used in transformers for its chemical properties and dielectric strength. This oil in your transformer acts as an insulator and a cooling agent. Over time, the oil will degrade resulting in the potential for faults and costly repairs.

Is transformer oil edible?

The oil reportedly looks just like regular cooking oil, but it lasts much longer. It is not exactly edible, though, as the transformer oil contains toxic polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), which have been illegal in the U.S. since 1979. But still, chefs are using the stolen oil to make chips and other fried foods. Dr.

Is naphthenic oil mineral oil?

Crude oil is extracted from the bedrock before being processed in several stages, removing natural contaminants and undesirable hydrocarbons. This separation process produces mineral oil, which can in turn be denoted as paraffinic, naphthenic or aromatic.