Which one or ones did not affect the transformation?

Which does not affect transformation?

In 1944, Avery, McCarty and MacLeod discovered that protein- digesting enzymes (proteases) and RNA-digesting enzymes (RNases) did not affect transformation, so the transforming substance was not a protein or RNA.

Which enzyme does not affect transformation?

This enzyme does not affect transformation. – Option C: Peptidase– It is a proteolytic or protein digesting enzyme. So the transformation is unaffected.

What factors affect bacterial transformation?

The factors that affect transformation efficiency are the strain of bacteria, the bacterial colony’s phase of growth, the composition of the transformation mixture, and the size and state of the foreign DNA.

What is a transformation in biology?

transformation, in biology, one of several processes by which genetic material in the form of “naked” deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is transferred between microbial cells. Its discovery and elucidation constitutes one of the significant cornerstones of molecular genetics.

Which of the following Indian did not affect transformation in Griffith experiment?

It discovers that proteases, RNases did not affect transformation, so the transforming substance was not a protein or RNA. RNase- RNA-digesting enzymes.

Which of the following alters the rate of enzymatic synthesis?

Apart from the covalent modification mechanism which modifies the activity of existing enzymes; cells can also regulate the amount of enzyme present by altering the rate of enzyme synthesis. Increased in enzyme synthesis is known as induction and decreased in enzyme synthesis is repression.

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What can affect transformation?

Methods of transformation – The method of preparation of competent cells, the length of time of heat shock, temperature of heat shock, incubation time after heat shock, growth medium used, and various additives, all can affect the transformation efficiency of the cells.

How many colonies were there after transformation?

generally if you do all those steps the background coming from non digested plasmid or plasmid re-ligated is very low and screen 4-8 colonies from each location is enough.