You asked: What are the elements of scene size up?

What is the definition of scene size up?

Define “scene size-up” Steps taken by an ambulance crew when approaching the scene of an emergency call: checking scene safety, taking Standard Precautions, noting the mechanism of injury or nature of patient’s illness, determining the number of patients, and deciding what, if any, additional resources to call for.

What does a scene size up helps you determine?

In a patient who is not injured but is suffering from a medical​ condition, you will begin to determine the nature of the illness​ (NOI) during scene​ size-up. The​ patient, relatives,​ bystanders, or physical evidence at the scene may provide you with clues to determine from what the patient is suffering.

What is step 3 in the basic size up process?

Step 3 – Number and Location of Patients

Here we can use the examples of multiple patients unconscious in the lab, multiple individuals involved in a street brawl, or one patient in their residence.

When should a scene size up be done?

scene size up is an ongoing process throughout the call. emergencies are dynamic: events may change without warning. For example, family members who were docile when you first arrived could turn hostile; structures that were stable could become unstable. Keep alert at all times.

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What is determined during the initial size up?

Size-up can be broken into four major factors: Construction, Occupancy, Life Hazard along with Location and Extent of the Fire. These factors are critical to understand prior to making any decisions to act on the fireground. They are also inter-related to each other.

Which of the following is your primary concern during scene size up?

The scene should be sized up for threats and violence. The scene should be sized up for threats and violence. It is imperative​ that, as an EMT at an emergency​ scene, you constantly pay attention to the environment around you.

What are the 5 components of scene size-up?

The five components of the size-up–number of patients, mechanism of injury/nature of illness, resource determination, standard-precautions determination and scene safety–are the steps to a successful run.

What are the 5 steps to scene safety and assessment?

Five Steps to Scene Safety

  1. Be prepared. Half of scene safety takes place before you go on shift. …
  2. Look, listen and feel is not just for breathing. What do you see and hear? …
  3. Set yourself up for success. …
  4. Be present. …
  5. Assess your patient threat potential.

What are the 9 Steps to a CERT size-up?

Nine CERT Sizeup Steps

  1. Gather facts.
  2. Assess and communicate the damage.
  3. Consider probabilities.
  4. Assess your own situation.
  5. Establish priorities.
  6. Make decisions.
  7. Develop a plan of action.
  8. Take action.

What should you do after completing the scene size up?

What should you do after completing a scene size up and a primary survey for a trauma patient? During the primary survey, an EMT is looking for obvious, life-threatening conditions. Once the primary survey is complete, though, you should reconsider the mechanism of injury and specifically look for hidden injuries.

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